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Gro Mambo Yasezy Novanyon Idizol
Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor
235 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19120



Divination, also known as a spiritual reading or intuitive impression, provides a road-map to life with directions that enable you to attain the optimum love, health, finance and cycles of elevation that God intended for you. Readings examine your past, present and future; they encompass your spiritual, mental and physical state. The reading serves both as a diagnosis of your life situation, and will provide a prescription for a positive solution.

The key to total wellness is the integration of the mind, body and spirit through learned understanding. Every aspect of happiness, joy and growth is directly related to your spiritual health, consciousness, energy and ultimately, destiny.

At LePeristyle, Gro Mambo Yasezy has established a reputation as a “caretaker of the people.”  Gro Mambo Yasezy divines, prescribes and administers cleansing baths, counsels couples and provides expert consultation to businesses.

Works of upliftment include:

  • Readings for enhanced quality of life
  • Healing services
  • Cleansing baths
  • Spiritual cleaning of homes
  • Good luck charms
  • Fire baths for business and finances
  • Fire baths to remove negative vibrations
  • Dream interpretations
  • Spiritual Soaps:  used for stability in family, home, finance, aggressive steps in life, health, love, luck and chance.

Privacy is guaranteed!  All readings are confidential. 

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