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Gro Mambo Yasezy Novanyon Idizol
Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor
235 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19120



Gro Mambo Yasezy Novanyon Idizol is a high priestess of the Voodoo Religion of Haiti. Gro Mambo Yasezy has served the tri-state area for over a decade, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of spiritual counseling and life renewal.  

Gro Mambo Yasezy Rinmin Novanyon Idizol was initiated by Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She traces her roots back to Gro Hungan Hilaire Michel Novanyon Idizol of Mariani, Haiti. The Novanyon power extends back over 500 years.

Gro Mambo Yasezy states that the “integration of the mind, body and spirit through learned understanding is the key to total wellness.  Every aspect of happiness, joy and growth is directly related to your spiritual health, consciousness, energy (both person and environmental) and ultimately, destiny.”

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