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  Gro Mambo Yasezy Novanyon Idizol
Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor
235 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA


Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor has served as a hub of religious activity and ceremonies, and a center of spiritual healings and divination.  Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor is the first Voodoo sanctuary erected under Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary in 2004, by Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol. 

Le Peristyle Sanctuary - Humofor holds the power of the Noványón linage, with shrines dedicated to the Loa Papa Dumbala (peace and health), Erusile Dantour (family and stability), Erusile Freeda (love), Papa Agwe (direction), Papa Ogu (faith, finance), and Baron Criminel (the cemetery, healings).   

Ceremonies conducted:

  • Tables of appeasement and thanksgiving to the Loa
  • Traditional Voodoo wedding ceremony
  • Rites-of-passage ceremony for coming of age
  • Rituals of spiritual cleaning and healings
  • Ghede Ceremony

In the Voodoo religion, each Loa has works and duties that are carried for the people.  The answer to every problem that exists in this world is within the works and duties of the Loa under God.  Each Loa governs a territory, has their own day, their own foods, their own drinks, spiritual works.  As Mambos and Hungans, we look at the problems, and seek intersession on behalf of the people from the Loas that govern those territories, including family, love, business and finance and spirit problems. 

The Voodoo religion is a very systematic religion with specific rites, rituals, ceremonies and holidays observed throughout the year.  The training of a priest or priestess covers many aspects including these healing services and ceremonies of thanksgiving giving honor to the Loa.

Like all Mambos and Hungans of this religious path, Gro Mambo Yasezy has trained in the ancient sacred technique and art of divination, ethno-botany, sacred arts and spiritual works of healing of the Loa.

Spiritual Works can range from a very simple cleansing to a more complex ceremony and bath. For centuries, African–based religions have successfully treated illnesses such as blood pressure problems, diabetes, circulation, heart diseases, fertility, cancer, AIDS and body pain.

The Sanctuary has served the community as a spiritual center offering a wide range of workshops for elevation, weddings, Chrismation or Rite of Passage Services, baptisms, dance and drum classes since 2004.

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