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The Voodoo religion of Haiti is an ancient African-based religion existing today in American, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  The word “Voodoo” as translated from Haitian Creole means “Sacred, of God.”

The Voodoo religion is a very old religion.  The Loa are the same forces recognized in all African-based religions throughout the world.  In the Haitian Voodoo, these forces include the Loas Papa Legba, Marassa, Papa Ogu, Erusile Freeda, Erusile Dantour, Dumbala, Papa Agwe and Baron.  The names may differ in other African-based religions, but the force or power remains the same, with practitioners recognizing those same attributes of these divine forces. 

The Voodoo religion, as many other great religions, has a defined order of service and hierarchy.  I have provided some very basic information as an introduction to this religion, along with some of the terms and definitions used.

Voodoo is an African-based religion, originally from the West Coast of Africa.  The Voodoo religion of Haiti is ancient and, although it predates Christianity, its adherents recognize Jesus Christ, much like those Jews who also recognized Jesus Christ and became "Christians."  African-based religions originated from the motherland, Africa, landed in other countries such as Brazil, Haiti and Cuba, via the very active practice of salve-trade in the late 1800's, becoming the religions known today as Candomble, Santeria, Yoruba, Ifa, Candomble, Regla de Ocha (Santeria/Lucumi) and Voodoo.  They share the same premise as any other religion that they are of one God or Universal and Supreme Being.  

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